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Electro-Harmonix - Nano Small Stone

Guitar Works, Inc.

Electro-Harmonix - Nano Small Stone

$ 79.99 $ 104.00

The Nano Small Stone generates our traditional, thick, sweeping phase shifting with liquid transparency and tingling feedback control.
 The STATUS LED will light up when
 the Nano Stone is in effect mode.
 When in True Bypass
 mode, the LED will be off. Use the
 FOOTSWITCH to toggle between
 effect and True Bypass
 The RATE control adjusts the speed of
 the phasing sweep, turn RATE
 clockwise for a faster
 The COLOR Switch changes the
 sound of the phase shift between a full
 and robust phase
 shift in the DOWN position to a more
 pronounced instance phase shift in the
 UP position.
 When in the UP position, notice how
 the Nano Stone carves into the
 frequency spectrum
 hollowing out the sound.
 Fundamentals and harmonics glide in
 and out for an extremely
 pronounced shifting effect. Return the
 COLOR switch to the down position
 and notice the fullness.

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