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Electro-Harmonix - Octave Multiplexer

Guitar Works, Inc.

Electro-Harmonix - Octave Multiplexer

$ 77.50 $ 103.65

Take your Low End to New Lows with this Octave Pedal! The Electro-Harmonix Octave Multiplexer octave pedal lets you get majorly deep bass tones an octave below the notes you're playing into the pedal. Two separate filters onboard the Octave Multiplexerlet you tailor the sub-octave signal to get just the tone you're looking for. Of course, you don't have to limit this unit to bass use running guitars, keyboards, even vocals through this pedal gives you subterranean oomph for just about any application you like. And rugged metal construction means the Octave Multiplexer is always stage-ready!

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