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Electro-Harmonix - XO #1 Echo

Guitar Works, Inc.

Electro-Harmonix - XO #1 Echo

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Up to two seconds of delay with a warm analog style decay. Sits beautifully in any track or performance. EH has a reputation for quality delays and this number is a prime example.
 Blend Knob - When rotated completely
 counter clockwise, only the original,
 dry signal may be heard. As
 you rotate clockwise, the delay signal
 is mixed with your dry original signal.
 The farther you rotate, the
 louder the delay signal becomes.
 When rotated to the far right position,
 only the delay signal is heard.
 Think of the Blend knob as your
 balance control between dry and wet
 Delay Knob – This knob adjusts the
 delay time of your echo. When rotated
 to the full counter clockwise
 position, the echo will be set to the
 shortest delay time of 10 mS. When
 the knob is turned to the full
 clockwise position, the echo will be set
 to the longest delay time of 2 seconds.
 Feedback knob – When turned
 completely counter clockwise,
 feedback is off and you will hear only
 the first echo. As the Feedback knob is
 rotated clockwise, you will hear more
 repeats. At the full clockwise
 position the number of repeats will be
 so great the #1 Echo will sound like it
 is looping the delayed signal
 but it is not, the signal will eventually
 fade away. This is very effective for
 overdubbing parts upon
 repeated parts. Multipart phrases and
 sonic textures are created this way. At
 the very longest settings care
 must be taken as some degradation of
 tone will occur over an extended
 period of time.
 Activity LED - When the LED is lit; the
 #1 Echo is in effect mode. When the
 LED is off, the #1 Echo is
 in True Bypass mode. The Footswitch
 toggles between effect and bypass
 INPUT Jack – This ¼” jack is the audio
 input to the #1 Echo. The input
 impedance presented at this
 jack is 2MΩ.
 OUTPUT Jack – This ¼” jack is the
 audio output from the #1 Echo. When
 the #1 Echo is in Bypass
 mode, the OUTPUT jack is connected
 directly to the INPUT jack.
 9V Power Jack – Connect the AC
 Adapter’s plug to the 9V Power Jack.
 The AC Adapter must be able to
 supply 9VDC at 200mA. The plug’s
 inner ring must be negative, the outer
 ring positive.

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