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Electro-Harmonix - XO Germanium OD

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Electro-Harmonix - XO Germanium OD

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Classic 60’s overdrive from genuine germanium transistors. Bias and Volts controls let you easily dial in that perfect vintage germanium tone. Need proof? Listen to the demo below.
 CONTROL – Adjusts the amount of
 input signal that is fed to the
 The more the knob is rotated the
 harder the Germanium transistor and
 drive components
 are hit.
 BIAS CONTROL – Adjusts the current
 gain that is sent to the Germanium
 transistor. It
 works together with the voltage control
 to attain the over all tone. The bias
 control works
 specifically with the Germanium
 VOLTS CONTROL – Allows the user to
 control the amount of voltage that is
 applied to the
 GERMANIUM OD. When the knob is
 set at full, 9volts is applied. When set
 at minimum 3
 volts of current is applied By limiting
 the volts applied to the pedal a
 number of interesting
 saturations can be set up for variations
 in tone.
 STATUS LED – When the LED is lit;
 the GERMANIUM OD effect is active.
 When the LED is
 off, the Germanium OD is in True
 Bypass Mode. The footswitch
 engages/disengages the
 INPUT Jack – Connect your instrument
 to the input jack. The input impedance
 at the input jack is high.
 OUTPUT Jack – Connect this jack to
 your amplifier. This is the
 This jack is connected directly to the
 Input Jack.
 Footswitch-- True Bypass on and off.

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