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Electro-Harmonix - XO Holy Grail Plus

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Electro-Harmonix - XO Holy Grail Plus

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This upgrade of the Holy Grail adds graceful Room Reverb and a multi- function control for reverb time, damping, and modulation speed. The Grail just got a little more divine!
 The Spring Reverb effect is a
 simulation of the spring reverb found
 in many classic guitar
 amps. In SPRING mode, the AMOUNT
 knob controls the size of the spring
 reverb. The
 further you turn the AMOUNT knob
 clockwise, the bigger the spring reverb
 will be. Set the
 AMOUNT knob to 3 o’clock to obtain
 the Spring Reverb found in the Holy
 Hall Reverb is a simulation of the
 reverb heard in a large space In HALL
 mode, the AMOUNT
 knob controls the reverb time. The
 further you turn the AMOUNT knob
 clockwise, the longer
 the reverb time and the larger the
 reverb space. Using the AMOUNT
 control you can obtain
 reverb spaces from a room to a large
 hall. To obtain the Hall Reverb sound
 found in the Holy
 Grail, turn the AMOUNT knob to 4
 Room Reverb is a simulation of the
 reverb heard in a small space. In
 ROOM mode, the
 AMOUNT knob controls the damping
 factor of the reverb. As the AMOUNT
 knob is turned
 clockwise, the reverb will be less
 damped. Set the AMOUNT knob to its
 minimum position
 (full counter-clockwise) and the reverb
 will be heavily damped, sounding like
 a bathtub
 reverb. Turn the AMOUNT knob to full
 clockwise and the reverb sounds like
 an open room
 with no damping.
 The Flerb Reverb effect is made up of
 a reverb followed in series by a
 flanger. In FLERB
 mode, the AMOUNT knob controls the
 rate of the Flerb’s modulation. As you
 turn AMOUNT
 clockwise, the rate of modulation
 increases. To obtain the Flerb sound
 found in the Holy Grail,
 turn the AMOUNT knob to 8 o’clock.
 REVERB Switch – Chooses the reverb
 mode. From left to right, the modes are
 AMOUNT Knob – The function of the
 AMOUNT knob changes with each
 REVERB mode:
 REVERB Mode AMOUNT Parameter
 Spring Spring Time/Reverb Time
 Hall Reverb Time
 Room Damping Amount
 Flerb Modulation Rate/Flanger
 BLEND Knob – Controls the wet/dry
 mix from 100% Dry (counter-clockwise
 position) to
 100% Wet (clockwise position). Set the
 BLEND to about 1 o’clock for a nice
 mix of both.
 FOOTSWITCH – When the LED is lit,
 the Holy Grail Plus
 effect is active, when the LED is off, the
 Holy Grail Plus is in True Bypass
 mode. Use the
 Bypass Footswitch to toggle between
 the two modes.
 INPUT Jack – This ¼” jack is the audio
 input to the Holy Grail Plus. The input
 presented at this jack is 680kΩ.
 OUTPUT Jack – This ¼” jack is the
 audio output from the Holy Stain. The
 impedance at this jack is 360Ω.

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