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Electro-Harmonix - XO Holy Stain

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Electro-Harmonix - XO Holy Stain

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Righteous multi-effect possibilities emerge when Reverbs, Pitch Shifting and celestial Tremolo meld with pure analog Drive and Fuzz. The brilliance of the Stain lies in the dynamic interaction of its controls – create novel tonal metaphors. Stain the hearts of your fans!
 The Distortion section of the Holy Stain
 is made up of 4 controls: DIRT,
 VOLUME. DIRT and COLOR are both
 rotary switches while TONE and
 VOLUME are rotary
 The DIRT control allows you to change
 the type of distortion from Clean to
 Fuzz to Drive.
 The Drive setting gives you a smooth
 distortion. The Fuzz setting is a harder
 edged distortion
 compared to the Drive setting. Use the
 Clean setting to bypass the distortion.
 Please note: the
 Clean setting is part of the distortion
 circuit so you may still hear a little grit
 when set to Clean.
 The Holy Stain has two controls to
 help tailor your distortion’s tone:
 COLOR and TONE. The
 COLOR switch subtly changes the
 character of the distortion using three
 settings: Bright,
 Dark and Warm. Use the Bright setting
 for a full frequency distortion. Choose
 the Dark setting
 to cut high frequencies for a smoother
 distortion. The Warm setting is
 somewhere in between
 the other two giving a rounder
 distortion. Please note: when DIRT is
 set to Clean, the COLOR
 switch has no effect on the tone except
 that in Warm mode your sound may be
 distorted, depending on the volume of
 your pickups. The TONE knob is a
 drastic tone control
 that, when set to extremes, will allow
 you to emphasize the highs or lows.
 Set TONE to the
 middle for a nice, even, full frequency
 The VOLUME control sets the overall
 output volume from the distortion
 stage. The output of
 the distortion stage is sent directly into
 the input of the DSP.
 The two reverb settings are excellent
 sounding, easy-to-use reverbs. The
 primary difference
 between the Room and Hall reverbs is
 the pre-delay time. The Hall setting
 has a longer predelay
 as compared to the Room. Pre-delay
 is the delay time between playing a
 note and
 hearing the onset of the reverb effect.
 All four DSP functions allow you to
 change their sound using the
 AMOUNT knob. The
 AMOUNT knob’s function changes
 with each setting. For the two reverbs:
 knob sets the reverb time or length of
 reverb tail. As you turn the AMOUNT
 knob clockwise
 the reverb time will increase.
 The MIX knob sets the balance
 between the output of the distortion
 circuit and the output of
 the DSP. When the MIX knob is set to
 fully counter-clockwise you will hear
 only distortion,
 no DSP. When the MIX knob is set fully
 clockwise you will hear the direct
 output of the DSP
 which may include the distortion that is
 present at the DSP’s input.
 Press the MODE Footswitch to cycle
 through the 4 DSP modes.
 In Pitch Shift mode, the Holy Stain will
 change the pitch of the note you play
 up to a 3rd and
 down to a 4th. This means that when
 the AMOUNT knob is set to the full
 clockwise position, if
 you play a C note on the guitar, the
 Holy Stain will shift that note up to an
 E. If the AMOUNT
 knob is set to full counter-clockwise,
 the Holy Stain will shift the C note
 down to a G.
 In Pitch Shift mode, the AMOUNT knob
 sets the pitch shift amount. When
 AMOUNT is set to
 12 o’clock, you will hear practically no
 pitch shift. As you turn the knob in the
 direction, your notes will shift up. As
 you turn AMOUNT counter-clockwise
 your notes shift
 down. The AMOUNT knob, in Pitch
 Shift mode, is continuously variable
 from – a 4th to + a
 3rd. It does not change the pitch in
 discrete steps. Set the AMOUNT knob
 to somewhere
 around 12 o’clock to double or thicken
 your sound without changing the pitch.
 The MIX knob controls the volume of
 your original note versus the volume of
 the pitch shifted
 note. To hear an equal balance
 between original and pitch shifted
 notes, turn the MIX knob to
 12 o’clock. To hear only the pitch
 shifted notes, turn MIX to its fully
 clockwise position.
 The Tremolo effect in the Holy Stain is
 a simple tremolo effect with some
 reverb thrown in.
 As you turn the AMOUNT knob
 clockwise, the rate of the tremolo effect
 will quicken and the
 amount of reverb will increase.
 The MIX knob controls the depth of the
 Tremolo effect. As you turn the MIX
 knob clockwise
 you will hear more Tremolo. Turn the
 MIX knob to its maximum setting for
 maximum tremelo.

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