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Electro-Harmonix - XO Micro Pog (3 Knob)

Guitar Works, Inc.

Electro-Harmonix - XO Micro Pog (3 Knob)

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Make your 6-string ring like a 12. Make your 4-string bass pump like an 8. Convert your guitar into a tight, convincing bass. Generate organ-like harmonic structures. Fast, glitch free polyphonic tracking.
 Knob – Controls the output volume of
 the DRY signal. The DRY signal is the
 signal present at the
 INPUT jack. As this knob is turned
 clockwise, the volume of the DRY
 signal will increase.
 SUB OCTAVE Knob – Controls the
 output volume of the SUB OCTAVE
 signal. The SUB OCTAVE signal is
 one octave below the original input
 signal, half the frequency of the input
 signal. As this knob is rotated
 clockwise, the volume of the SUB
 OCTAVE signal will increase.
 OCTAVE UP Knob – Controls the
 output volume of the OCTAVE UP
 signal. The UP OCTAVE signal is one
 octave above the original input signal
 or twice the frequency of the original
 input signal. The volume of the
 UP OCTAVE signal will increase as
 this knob is rotated clockwise.
 STATUS LED – This LED indicates the
 current state of the unit. When the LED
 is lit up, the box is in
 EFFECT mode. When the LED is off,
 the box is in BYPASS mode. Pressing
 the Footswitch will toggle
 between effect and bypass modes.
 INPUT Jack – This ¼” jack is the audio
 input to the POG. The input impedance
 presented at the Input
 Jack is 2 MΩ.
 EFFECT OUT Jack - This ¼” jack
 outputs the effect. The output
 impedance at this jack is 250 Ω.
 DRY OUT Jack – This ¼” jack outputs
 a buffered version of the input signal.
 The output impedance at
 this jack is 250 Ω.
 9V Power Jack – Connect the output
 plug from the AC Adapter that was
 supplied with your Micro POG to
 this jack, located at the top of the Micro
 POG. The Micro POG accepts Boss
 style AC Adapters.
 Here are some very useful sound
 settings that were designed while
 developing the POG. They are
 suited for the Micro POG. They can all
 be seasoned to your own tastes.
 12-string Guitar – Turn your 6-string
 into a 12 string. Set all of the knobs to
 0. Bring up the INPUT knob
 to about 60%. While you are listening
 to the dry signal, rotate the +1
 OCTAVE knob clockwise to about
 As an additional hint, combine just a
 touch of the Sub Bass for body.
 8-string/16-string Bass- When used
 with a 4 string, 5 string and beyond
 bass, bring up your dry bass
 signal and rotate the + 1 octave knob
 until you hear the proper balance. A
 very realistic 8 and 10 string etc
 bass is easily obtained. Obviously the
 more strings that you have the wider
 the octave range…all tracking
 Phat Bass – Turn your guitar into a
 great sounding bass. Set all of the
 knobs to 0. Rotate the INPUT Knob
 up to 50-75%. Set the SUB OCTAVE
 knob to its maximum position. Perfect
 tracking and a really nice bass
 sound that can add performance
 bottom. Perfect for demos in your
 home studio.
 Organ – You can do a 3 stop organ
 that when used with a volume pedal
 can be a very interesting pad.
 Try a little modulation from a Nano
 Small Stone, Polyphase, XO Clone
 theory, Stereo Pulsar or your favorite
 modulation pedal for really animated

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