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Guitar Works, Inc. - GWC-1/2 Size 34" Long Nylon String Guitar With Strap & Case Great Kid's Guitar Ages 6-8

Guitar Works, Inc.

Guitar Works, Inc. - GWC-1/2 Size 34" Long Nylon String Guitar With Strap & Case Great Kid's Guitar Ages 6-8

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FOR OVER 38 YEARS HERE AT GUITAR WORKS WE HAVE MADE SURE EVERY INSTRUMENT WE SELL IS PROPERLY BUILT, SET-UP, ADJUSTED AND MADE FOR SUCCESS. WHY? BECAUSE IF YOU START SOMEONE ON AN INFERIOR HARD TO PLAY GUITAR THEY WON'T STICK WITH IT. GIVE THEM A GOOD INSTRUMENT AND THEY WILL ENJOY PLAYING GUITAR AND MUSIC FOR LIFE......This is our GWC-1/2 size guitar. It is a good fit for children that stand as tall as an average 6 to 8 years old. The size of the body is comfortable for their arm lengths, and the width of the neck, the spacing of the frets is perfect for the size of their left hand. Another extremely important fact is here at Guitar Works we do a complete set-up to the instrument here in our shop a $85 service for free. This set-up work is rarely done to instruments in this price range. For that reason most people find those types of guitars hard to play. Also Included is professional grade padded case. The case is very important not just for safe transporting but also great way to insulate the guitar from changes in climate and temperature. The use of a high quality case can add years on to the life of a guitar. Many customers that have bought this guitsr have also add on to the order a strap. The strap is a huge help in keeping the guitar steady and secure while playing. For some reason when people use a strap they always place the guitar in the proper playing position. Very often children will say I don't want to practice. What they really mean is I sat in school for 7 hours and I don't want to come home and SIT and practice guitar. With the strap they can stand or walk around. Another useful item many people add to their order is the clip on tuner. All guitars go out of tune every day. The strings on both steel string guitars and nylon string guitars will stretch. Tuning with a clip on tuner is a breeze.
 1/2 Size Student Model
 Dimensions: 34" Long x 9" Wide x 12" Wide x
 3 1/2" Deep
 Completely Set up In My Shop
 D'Addario J-45TT Titanium Nylon Strings
 2 Strap Buttons Installed
 NOTE - Most guitars like this do not and warp
 Tough Padded Nylon Travel Bag
 5 Year Limited Warranty 

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