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WATCH AND LEARN - Bluegrass & Country Let's Jam! CD

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WATCH AND LEARN - Bluegrass & Country Let's Jam! CD

$ 9.95

By Peter Vogl. Following in the highly successful tradition of the first Let’s Jam! CD, this high quality audio CD contains 23 dynamic jam tracks of country and bluegrass music, including tunes from the Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, & Fiddle Courses. Recorded "live" by top studio musicians from the Southeast, you get the impression of being surrounded by the band. The extended jams (3 to 4 minutes each) are in a wide variety of keys and grooves, allowing you to play any style of music. In addition, several tunes are played at 2 different speeds. Also includes a helpful 16 page instruction booklet with rhythm charts and soloing tips for each song. Use this exciting and fun tool to improve soloing and improvisation skills for guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, keyboards, harmonica, pedal steel, and vocals. Bluegrass tunes include Nine Pound Hammer, Old Joe Clark, Sitting On Top of the World, Salt River, Lonesome Road Blues, Little Maggie, & John Hardy.
 Song List:
 1. Tuning
 2. Chick'n Pick'n in A
 3. Cool Country in G
 4. E Country
 5. Attitude Country in D
 6. G Boogie
 7. C Country
 8. Country Swing in E
 9. Scattered, Covered & Smoothered
 10. Gospel Waltz
 11. Country Changes slow
 12. Country Changes fast
 13. 9 Pound Hammer slow
 14. 9 Pound Hammer fast
 15. Old Joe Clark slow
 16. Old Joe Clark fast
 17. Sitting on Top of the World slow
 18. Salt River
 19. Lonesome Road Blues slow
 20. Lonesome Road Blues fast
 21. Little Maggie slow
 22. Little Maggie fast
 23. Sally Goodin
 24. John Hardy

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